On Building a music recording studio with solid oak flooring

Building a recording studio from the correct materials is essential. Most people are surprised when I tell them just how much of a difference materials like solid oak flooring can have on the sound quality of a musical or any other type of recording. Recently we have been recording audio-books where there are no backing tracks or supporting music to mask and problems in recording quality, using a solid wooden floor made from Oak has meant that we were able to achieve correct sound dampening qualities. Qualified sound engineers will appreciate the difference that this has made however to the lane and it may not make much difference at all.

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Why solid oak flooring can make a huge difference to recording quality

Flooring is one of the most important aspects to get right in a recording studio, materials like carpet can often dampen sounds and have undesirable and an intended effects. Make no mistake we knew when we undertook the project of fitting the actual flooring in our recording studio that we were not selecting the cheapest of materials, however he saw the expenditure was more of an investment rather than an expense. Ask most sound engineers and will tell you that solid oak flooring really is the best way to go. Oak floors not only have the right sound quality required for this type of job but they also add a feel of quality to any studio. There are a number of online suppliers of this type of flooring so if you’re adding them to your house or recording studio, be sure to check around for the best prices first.