Are you involved in music in your Catholic Parish?
Do you want to know more about Catholic Liturgical Music?

The aim of the Institute will be to assist clergy and laity to fulfil their complementary roles in singing the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours.

The Institute provides:

Workshops which comprise practical instruction on singing the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours
a theological and historical background to Church Music
a celebration of a sung Mass or part of the Divine Office.

The Institute also offers training sessions for the clergy enabling them to sing the different parts of the Mass in Latin and in English. The Institute also offers practical tuition in the principles of Liturgical music to choir masters, organists and cantors.

On Building a music recording studio with solid oak flooring

Building a recording studio from the correct materials is essential. Most people are surprised when I tell them just how much of a difference materials like solid oak flooring can have on the sound quality of a musical or any other type of recording. Recently we have been recording audio-books where there are no backing tracks or supporting music to mask and problems in recording quality, using a solid wooden floor made from Oak has meant that we were able to achieve correct sound dampening qualities. Qualified sound engineers will appreciate the difference that this has made however to the lane and it may not make much difference at all.

solid oak flooring oratory music

Why solid oak flooring can make a huge difference to recording quality

Flooring is one of the most important aspects to get right in a recording studio, materials like carpet can often dampen sounds and have undesirable and an intended effects. Make no mistake we knew when we undertook the project of fitting the actual flooring in our recording studio that we were not selecting the cheapest of materials, however he saw the expenditure was more of an investment rather than an expense. Ask most sound engineers and will tell you that solid oak flooring really is the best way to go. Oak floors not only have the right sound quality required for this type of job but they also add a feel of quality to any studio. There are a number of online suppliers of this type of flooring so if you’re adding them to your house or recording studio, be sure to check around for the best prices first.

Oratory Music – Studio shut for block and beam floor installation

For a music recording studio in shutdown can be deeply detrimental, unfortunately it was something that was absolutely necessary to install a new block and beam floor to keep the building safe and in good condition. Due to the age of our Oratory Music recording studio, the foundations of the building had began to crumble, added to this it was time to add an extra room to the building so that we could expand and record more music from various artists. The block and beam floor technique that we decided to employee was not only the speediest way to get our music studio back open, but also worked out as one of the cheapest methods that we could use.

Getting our block and beam floor in had to be done quickly

oratory music block and beam floor

Concrete floor beams such as these from Total Concrete Products make excellent structural supports, fortunately we knew someone locally who manufactured these concrete beams and was able to get us a good deal on them in the minimal time possible. Once we had our beam and block flooring in place it really was just a case of putting the new structure on top and repairing the old foundations. We do apologise to any avid readers of this blog as well as any musicians that we had scheduled to work with, unfortunately this maintenance work had to be done as it was essential.

If anyone has any new questions about our recording studio, or some of the work that we had done with our block and being floor, we would be happy to have a chat. Please use our contact page to get in touch and Brian or myself will be happy to speak with you. We of course made every attempt to keep our downtime to a minimum, as I’m sure that you’ll appreciate flooring is something that can often take weeks fortunately we had help at hand to keep the wasted time down as low as possible.

Oratory Music – A quick mention of Apex skip hire company

When having our recent renovation done, we worked with any skip hire company who were excellent. We really couldn’t have completed our studio on time without they help. We spoke to a number of the skip hire companies in the area and settled on Apex Skip Hire who are based in both Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent. Without getting rid of our waste and putting it in the skip we would have been severely delayed in finishing the work in our studio so as a bit of a favor to them we said that we would mention them in our blog.

So if you’re looking for a skip Hire Stoke-on-Trent company, Apex skip hire Stoke on Trent really are an excellent option. We thank them for all of their hard work and biscuits that they rented us. Because of their hard work many musicians are recording beautiful music in our studios once more.